My General Philosophy and Approach

Any case presents a constellation of factual, legal, and human problems that are best solved through hard work and creativity. In every case, I set high standards for myself, and I work very hard to meet them to solve the problems my clients face. I know of no better way to win a trial or an appeal, or to obtain a lenient sentence or a beneficial plea bargain or settlement offer, than through sustained and focused effort, exacting and thorough investigation and preparation, and the inspiration and creativity that follow.

Sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively, the lives of my clients are in my hands, and thus I begin each case with a rational and respectful concern, based on my understanding of what can happen, or has already happened, to the particular client. Viewing each case as unique, and each client as a unique human being, I help my clients set the right personal goals for the case. I work hard to master the law and facts of each case and to plot an intelligent course of action focused on the client’s goals. In this way, my rational concern is turned into resolve and confidence based on knowledge and preparation.

Handling a trial or appeal or even plea bargaining is not an exercise in improvisational spontaneity. I do not wing it. My overriding philosophy is that the more work and preparation I do – that is, the more I investigate; perform legal research; learn about my client; litigate pretrial motions; and draft and refine witness examination outlines, opening statements, closing arguments, or appellate briefs – the more likely I will achieve my client’s goals for the case.

In the end, the unifying idea for my practice is simple: Work hard and then work harder and keep doing it again and again until persistence and creativity produce justice for my clients.

—Michael Iaria