In the News

As with a list of case results, some clients are interested in whether an attorney has handled cases that have been in the news. Handling such cases may demonstrate that the attorney has experience dealing with the added pressure that comes with media attention, or has had to develop strategies for ensuring that media coverage does not prejudice his or her client. In the end, however, the fact of media coverage says nothing about how a lawyer prepared and handled the particular case, and may mean only that the lawyer handled a case that happened to draw the attention of the media.

I believe that most clients hope for as little notice as possible and that a lawyer who courts media attention may not be working in his or her client’s interests, but may only be promoting himself or herself. Indeed, I prefer to think that my best results are those in which I achieved success for my clients without causing so much as a ripple of attention.

Still, sometimes cases do draw media attention. Thus, for those clients whose cases are high profile and may require having a strategy to deal with the media, or for those clients who otherwise are interested in such information, the following are links to media sites and other search engines where you can enter my name in quotes (“Michael Iaria”) to locate archived news articles about some of my past cases. Although these articles are in the public domain, in the interest of client privacy I prefer not to collect them on this website.